I adore a good outdoor party in the summertime, but can be intimidated out of hosting a bigger crowd. After all, there’s a lot to think about: perfectly mixed drinks, Instagram-able desserts, that one vegetarian family that only eats black bean burgers, keeping drinks cold in the hot sun, and more.

So this year, I’ve researched the very best summer party hacks to make sure that my food and drink game is on point. These are the perfect complement to the brilliant food and drink party hacks we rounded up last year, and everything you need to stay cool — well, at least figuratively — at your next backyard barbecue or summer soirée.

Top: Edible Drink Markers | @jessyratfink at Instructables

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Summer party hacks: Cocktail Ice Cubes at Tablespoon
I’ve seen a lot of fun variations on the flavored ice cube trend, but I love that these Cocktail Ice Cubes at Tablespoon are drink-specific. My favorites: the Lazy Manhattan Cubes or On-Demand Mimosa Cubes. So smart.

Summer party hacks: Edible Drink Markers at Instructables
Okay, these Edible Drink Markers by @jessyratfinkat Instructables are a little more labor-intensive, but if you ask me, they might be worth it for the cuteness factor. Invest some party prep time to make these, and I predict they’ll be all over social media by party’s end.

Summer party hacks: Hamburger Bun Trick at A Subtle Revelry
How clever is this Hamburger Bun Trick? No need to make a list or juggle people’s orders in your head. Victoria at A Subtle Revelry has you covered with these edible instructions.

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Summer party hacks: Popsicle Liners at Popsugar
How did I never think of these easy DIY Popsicle Liners at Popsugar before? Such an easy hack to prevent sticky finger syndrome, especially for kids or leisurely popsicle lickers (whoever they are).

Summer party hacks: Hot Dog Holders at Sew Many Ways
Is there some law of gravity that says children will always drop their hotdogs? I’m no physicist, but I’m going to say yes. So I love how these Hot Dog Holders at Sew Many Ways skip the paper plate altogether and wrap the hotdogs instead for easier handling.

Summer party hacks: Second Grill Rack Hack | Joshua Bousel at Serious Eats
Lightly toasted buns add a lot to a basic hamburger, but they take up valuable grill space. So cheers to Joshua Bousel at Serious Eats for giving us this second grill rack hack. Warm bread is back on the menu!

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Summer party hacks: S'mores in a Terracotta Pot at Nest of Posies
I like a gooey s’more as much as the next person (okay, maybe more), but you won’t catch me anywhere near a fire pit this time of year in Nashville. Thankfully this S’mores in a Terracotta Pot ideas at Nest of Posies saves the day with its limited heat output and portability.

Summer party hacks: Cooler Corn at Suburban Wife City Life
As yummy as it is, corn isn’t the most space-efficient food to make for a crowd. Luckily, I found this Cooler Corn idea at Suburban Wife City Life that saves you valuable stove space and does the job of cooking your corn wherever you set it down. And, yes, you can even use our method for perfectly cooked corn.