If you’re more goth ice cream than unicorn drinks, you’ll be happy to know that Starbucks has released two Vampire Frappuccinos for Halloween that will satisfy your black soul. Both are made with mocha sauce and whipped cream at the bottom, but the “Mr. Vampire Frappuccino” adds chocolate cream while the “Mrs. Vampire” is made with vanilla. According to Starbucks, “Both drinks are then finished with blood red strawberry purée oozing from the rim and are topped with whipped cream.”

“Pairs well with everything but prolonged daylight.” Ha!

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These kind of sound delicious, to be honest, but there are two problems. One is that we take exception to the whole Mr. and Mrs. thing (we’d like to think that vampires welcome marriage equality across all gender!), and the other, more immediate problem is that these are  currently only available in the U.K., Singapore, Norway, and Sweden.


Fret not, friends of darkness. People have (of course) figured out that you can Frankenstein your own Vampire Frapp. Just order by the official Vampire Frappuccino description available at Starbucks.com.

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Other options: You can order this Franken Frappuccino off of the Starbucks secret menu, or wait until October 26th, when leaked barista photos allege the introduction of a Zombie Frappuccino, which is rumored to be a creme-based Frappuccino flavored — and colored two-tone — with green caramel apple powder and pink powder. (Pink powder?) Also, it will apparently be topped with pink “brains” whipped cream.

Does it even have coffee? I guess it hardly matters to the undead — or those of us #drinkingfortheinsta.