Remember back when we thought gummy worms were gross? Hahahaaha! That was nothing. Feast your eyes on these hilarious zombie ice pop molds from Tovolo, which of course will now top the wish list of any kid reading this post over your shoulder.

Of course you can use any favorite homemade popsicle recipe you’d like with these silicone molds, but I’m thinking whatever that green ice pop is with flecks of…something, seems to work extra well. Then, I suggest you go full MIchonne and take the arms off first. But you know, you do you.

It will be like meta-cannibalism. Cani-cannibalism? You know, like pesca-pescatarianism, only you only eat people who eat other people.  Whatever. Your kids will love them.

Find Tovolo’s zombie ice pop molds from our affiliate Amazon. Grab them now while they’re on sale for nearly 25% off, because I suspect they’ll only go up in price as we get closer to Halloween. No actual undead were harmed in the making of these ice pops.

h/t Food Diggity who beat us to the brain freeze joke.