If you’ve already exhausted your arsenal of salad toppings, like Craisins, croutons, and apparently foods that begin with “cr,” we’ve got 20 unique salad toppings to add to your list, just in time for spring. And when we mean unique, we mean that you might not have thought of these (sorry, sunflower seeds).

With all those awesome salad veggies soon-to-be popping up at our local grocer and farmer’s markets, here are some salad topping ideas that you might not have thought about, courtesy of our awesome Recipe Rescue Facebook Group. They might even get your kids to eat more salad. Or just any salad. (Parents of picky eaters, we feel your pain).

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20 unique salad toppings | Cool Mom Eats

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If you’ve got other ideas we missed, be sure to join our Recipe Rescue Facebook Group and share them. Plus, join in the conversation with thousands of other parents on everything from dinner recipe ideas to favorite kitchen tools, and pretty much everything in between. Whether you’re an experienced home cook, or just struggling to find something to put on the table, your voice is welcome.

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

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