Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfectly sharp knife appear on your doorstep every few months? And yes, that also sounds like a premise for a bad horror movie, but this is different, I promise.

Experienced cooks know how important a sharp knife is to culinary success. Dull knives waste time and cause injuries (not to mention unsightly crudités). I always thought I’d love a knife that never needs sharpening — and now I’ve found one.

Kind of.

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I tried out the EVR Sharp (get it?) kitchen knife subscription service, and so far, my 7-inch EVR Sharp knife has absolutely maximized my cooking joy, as promised. Every three months they send a perfectly sharpened chef’s knife –one that can be used for just about anything — to my door. After three months, a new knife arrives with a box and shipping label to return the old one. You won’t go a single day without a sharp knife.


We review EVR Sharp's kitchen knife subscription service...and love it!

As for the cost, the service bills you $24 every three months. So while $100 a year is more expensive than investing in a knife sharpener, for those of us who want to avoid the chore of sharpening (or hauling our knives out to a pro every few months), I think it’s a great investment for avid home cooks who will always have a perfect knife at the ready.

Turns out, I didn’t know it, but this was always the dream — a hassle-free way to guarantee a sharp knife in my stash that gets most jobs done. Although I occasionally use my filet knife or a paring knife, this 7″ Japanese chef’s knife has definitely turned into the most useful one in my kitchen.

Get more info bout the EVR Sharp kitchen knife subscription service on their website. It’s a very cool practical gift for the home cook who has everything. CORRECTION: We did not receive this for editorial consideration; just something we paid for and tried and loved!