My local farmer’s market and even my local bodegas are bursting with early summer produce right now and it makes me so happy.  Not just is everything delicious and more affordable, but I’m trying to be a little more mindful of eating locally-grown foods to help support local farms and do a little more for the earth too.

But the truth is, when you research produce in season, it beg the question — in season where, exactly?

So I’ve recently discovered, a quick and easy way to find out what produce is in season near you, any time of year.

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It’s put out by, Food Print, an initiative from Grace Communications Foundation, to help more people eat sustainably and be more mindful of the environmental, economic, and social issues around food production.

This site is so worth a bookmark.

New York produce in season in June via the Seasonal Food GuideWhat produce is in season in New York in late June

Click over and you’ll see that right now in New York, I’m lucky enough to find an abundance of cherries, tomatoes (not just you, Jersey!), as well as chili peppers, which was a surprise to me. California is bursting with fresh fruit, from citrus to mangoes, to cherries berries of all kinds. But if you’re in New Mexico, for example, those cherries are going to be imported from somewhere. Instead, you get to enjoy local apricots, blueberries and summer squash.

We can both snatch up local strawberries though, which is awesome.

Toasting to you with a fresh chocolate-dipped strawberry right now.

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I also love that you can click through to any ingredient and find a convenient chart of when exactly it’s in season in your state; and even get comprehensive tips from Food Print about growing, selecting, and preparing each one.

Or at least I did like this feature until I click over to my beloved avocados.

Avocados in season by state and by month: Look up any produce at this cool website

Fine. You win this point California. But we get fall foliage.

Visit the Seasonal Food guide to learn what produce is in season near you, any time of year.