In our Recipe Rescue Facebook group (which is so much fun if you haven’t yet joined),  a member asked for popsicle recipes for her kids.  “I don’t want to make pickle pops, avocado pops, or use buttermilk, kale — you get the idea,” she said. She just wanted recipes that were fun and simple and kid-friendly.

So looking through our archives for popsicle recipes, I stumbled across these things of icy beauty in a rainbow treats roundup from a few years back and thought, wow! They deserve a post all their own.

The recipe for these eye-popping 7-Layer Rainbow Popsicles hail from The First Year blog, and I am bowing down to Beth’s popsicle-making prowess.

You won’t hesitate to let your kids taste this rainbow, because as it turns out, they get all that vibrant color from real fruit, not food dye (with one tiny exception). Each color is actually a layer of a different Greek yogurt fruit smoothie. In other words, they’re healthy! And delicious! And simple!

Well…more simple than you might imagine.

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7 layer rainbow popsicle recipe: They're actually made with frozen smoothies so they're healthy! | Recipe:The First Year blogThe First Year Blog

As someone who loves making smoothies, I am so up for trying these this summer.

Provided you’re cool with giving your blender a rinse for each new colored layer you whip up, then I think they’re a very doable summer kitchen project for the family, and a super impressive treat for any backyard party.

Your kids might even like making them as much as they like eating them.

Find the recipe for 7-Layer Rainbow Popsicles on The First Year blog.