So it’s been a hot minute since we have have had time to try another TikTok recipe around here!  My teen had his wisdom teeth out, then a little set back and now finally back to eating like “normal” – which means he is standing in my kitchen looking for something to eat every time I turn around (17yo boys are never full). So next up in our Trying TikTok Recipe Series: the ramen hack that’s all over TikTok.

I have been super eager to try this because it seems like fast, easy way to spruce up those ramen packages that the kids love and get a little more protein in them. This Ramen hack tutorial from @teekeatz is the version my son settled on for us to try.

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Ramen Hack Ingredients

I had all of the ingredients needed except for garlic, because we don’t have any in the house. No, we are not vampires – just allergic.

This is really the most simple recipe hack (like one of those “why didn’t I think of this myself?” hacks).  Basically, you just mix the ramen seasoning pack, some mayo, garlic if you want it, and an egg in a bowl. Cook your ramen noodles as instructed on the package (our package said to boil the noodles in two cups of water for 3 minutes), then mix the noodles and water into the seasoning mix, and it’s ready to go!

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Thanks a lot TikTok: Ramen Hack Trial

On our first attempt, we put all of the cooking water into the seasoning/egg mix.  I don’t recommend doing this.  It turned out way too soupy.

Thanks a lot TikTok: Ramen Hack Trial 2

So we did a second trial, and just grabbed the cooked noodles with some tongs, and while they were still dripping with hot water, dropped them into the seasoning mix and that was plenty of liquid.

The verdict: my son says “meh, I think I like the packet of ramen just the way it comes better” but he did eat the entire bowl. I actually ate the second bowl we made (the less soupy version), and it’s not bad. The ramen packs are notoriously salty, so next time I may find a less salty option at the store. I would also like to give it another try and add some dried mushrooms, nori, or narutomaki for a heartier meal.

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