I tend to get meal planning burnout this time of year and fall back on easy recipes, with the same ingredients, which can get a little boring. So in an attempt to breathe some life into my meal planning adventures, I have decided to try 5 new recipes I have never made before next week. I have followed my own tips on how to choose online recipes and am pretty confident they will turn out a-okay.

So grab your pen, paper or open the AnyList app and and let’s make a meal plan for next week that is a bit of a culinary adventure.

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Top Image: Tofu Tikka Masala from Dishing Out Health and Meat Pie from Diane Morrisey

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas 42: Tofu Tikka Masala from Dishing Out Health

I really enjoy Indian food, but have a huge mental road block when it comes to preparing it. So, I’m going to push my comfort zone and make this Tofu Tikka Masala from Dishing Out Health for our #MeatlessMonday meal. I like that most all of the spices called for in the recipe are already in my pantry and baking the tofu seems very doable. I think some roast cauliflower and warm naan will round out this dish perfectly.

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Weekly Meal Plan Ideas 42: Crispy Halloumi Fajitas from HowSweetEats

Have you heard about Halloumi? Halloumi cheese has a high melting point, and can be fried or grilled and still hold its shape and texture. I’ve seen Halloumi pop up on all of my feeds lately, and I’m so curious to give it a try! I think it’s pretty safe to try something new in a taco format, like these Crispy Halloumi Fajitas from How Sweet Eats. What can go wrong with crispy, warm fried cheese served in a tortilla? I think nothing.

5 new recipes for meal planning burnout: Chicken Fricassee with Apples from Once Upon A Chef

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Jenn Segal over at Once Upon A Chef (see also my review of her new cookbook Once Upon A Chef Weeknight/Weekend), and this recipe for Chicken Fricassee with Apple made my mouth water all day after seeing it on my Instagram. It’s a perfect way to combine the fresh produce that is in season right now with a solid protein in a savory cozy meal. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try!

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Weekly Meal Plan Ideas 42: Quick Pasta e Ceci from Cooking with Nonna

I have always been a big fan of the site Cooking with Nonna that was designed to preserve recipes from Italian grandmothers. When I’m looking for a new recipe to try, I like to look here because although the recipe may be new to me, it has been passed on through generations. I love Pasta e Ceci, but the recipes have always been a bit daunting to me especially for a weeknight. This recipe for Quick Pasta e Ceci from Cooking with Nonna jumped out at me because of the word “quick” and the simple list of ingredients that I already have in my pantry.

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Meal Planning Burnout: Meat Pie from Diane Morrisey on Instagram

I have made pie, quiche, and shepard’s pie, but I have never made a meat pie. That’s about to change thanks to this recipe for Meat Pie from Diane Morrisey. I often find inspiration on Diane’s Instagram account for “mom” meals and this one looks just so good. This recipe is actually one of her bother’s favorites that her mom used to make for their family. I can’t wait for my teens to dig into this deep dish of love, and maybe start a new tradition in our home as well.

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I put these weekly meals plans together based on recipes I am actually cooking for my family, and with you in mind.  If you have suggestions, tips or recommendations for recipes or other food bloggers I should check out please comment here, or shoot me a message in our Recipe Rescue group on Facebook.  – Lisa