While we share lots of the best Hanukkah food gift ideas and Hanukkah recipes each year, they’re generally for those who celebrate Hanukkah. Which makes sense. This year though, I’ve been overwhelmed in the best possible way with non-Jewish friends who have reached out asking what Hanukkah food gifts they might get for friends who do celebrate, in an effort to send some joy during a particularly tough year.

That is amazing. To me, that is the very spirit of the holiday season for all of us, whatever it is you celebrate.

So here, you’ll find some of the most authentic, delicious, best Hanukkah food gifts. And no, blueberry bagels are not a thing. I will fight you on that.

The best Hanukkah food gifts to send this year:
12 delicious ideas

12 gourmet Hanukkah food gifts to send to friends and family | coolmomeats.com holiday gift guide

All of these Hanukkah food gifts will definitely be appreciated (food is our love language!), and if you’re ordering instead of making, they all ship fresh. That means you have time to order by the first night of Hanukkah on December 7. Then, you have seven more nights after that! But hurry so you can be sure to secure the shipping date you want.

And hey — don’t forget that a simple text saying “Happy Hanukkah….hope you’re finding some joy right now” goes a long way with your Jewish friends too. It really is the thought that counts more than anything.

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Best Hanukkah food gifts: Linda's Latkes assortments are absolutely deliciousLinda’s Gourmet Latkes

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, honoring the miracle of an oil lamp that stayed lit eight times longer than expected. That’s why foods friend in oil are a big part of the celebration. Thus…potato pancakes! I first tried these spectacular mini potato pancakes at the Fancy Food Show when Linda Hausberg was just starting out, and I ran back here to tell our readers about them. The company will ship all kinds of flavors from LA, including gluten-free…but I’m a purist and a fan of the original mini latkes. Hurry though, some items already have a waitlist.

And hey, if you want to go ahead and make your own to bring to a friend’s house, this homemade latke recipe from Stacie Billis is the best and easiest she’s found.

Best Hanukkah food gifts: sufganiyot jelly donuts delivered from Primo's in LASufganiyot from Primo’s Donuts

What else is delicious and fried in oil besides latkes? Donuts! Or more specifically, sufganiyot, which is kind of a cross between a raised jelly donut and a beignet. If you’re local to NYC, everyone loooooves Breads Bakery, but they don’t seem to be shipping them at this time. Instead, try LA institution Primo’s Donuts, which makes them traditionally.

Related: 8 of the best jelly donut recipes for Hanukkah — or any time, really. 

Best Hanukkah food gifts: Russ & Daughters' smoked salmon and bagel brunch medley can be shipped throughout the USRuss & Daughters Smoked Salmon Bagel Medley

Rainbow bagels may be a hit with the kids, but not among the authentic choices you get for the dozen bagels in this indulgent brunch gift box. It also includes cream cheese, capers for garnish, and the main event: a trio of their famous salmon. There are lots of Hanukkah food gift ideas from this iconic NYC institution, which has evolved quite a bit since its origins in 1904 as a pushcart business on the Lower East Side started by a Jewish immigrant from Poland to support his family.

Best Hanukkah food gifts: Black & White Cookies from William Greenberg (there's gluten-free too!)William Greenberg Black & White Cookies

“Greenbergs,” as it has been affectionately known by the locals since 1946, makes arguably the best black & white cookies. And the best lots of things, actually. They even offer a gluten-free version of their cookies. If you want to go big, they ship a New York Strong gift box that includes their black & white cookies along with cupcakes, brownies and four mini schnecken.

Want to bake your own cookies for a Hanukkah food gift? Check out our recos for 8 delicious Hanukkah cookie recipes to get you through all eight nights.

Best Hanukkah food gifts: The double chocolate babka from Brooklyn's Oneg bakery is next-level deliciousOneg’s Double Chocolate Babka

Fans of Seinfeld will remember the episode where he gets in a fight for the last chocolate babka. (Elaine called cinnamon “the lesser babka,” though the jury is split in our household.) Brooklyn’s Oneg Bakery makes an incredible version with twice as much chocolate filling in the hand-braided loaf, which is traditional to Hungary and made today by the grandchildren of two WWII refugee sisters who founded the bakery.

Chocolate rugelach from Essen Bakery: Thoughtful Hanukkah food gifts to send
Essen Bakery’s Gourmet Chocolate Rugelach

If you’ve never had rugelach, evidently the Valrhona Dark Chocolate Rugelach from Philly-favorite baker Nova Du Plessis (a four-time James Beard Award semifinalist) will ruin you for all others. These “little twists” look a bit like small croissants–which are actually thought to be an adaptation of this Polish pastry–but more doughy, more substantial, and IMO more addictive. Consider ordering one for yourself while you’re at it. And fair warning: They go fast, especially if you have kids around.

Gourmet Hanukkah gifts: Sensi 18k Prosecco pairs beautifully with latkes, and looks gorgeous on the tableSensi 18k Gold Prosecco

Looking for a Hanukkah gift that’s drinkable to go with the edibles? According to Food & Wine, Champagne and sparkling wines are the very best pairings for latkes and who are we we to argue? This highly rated Prosecco is a perfect choice hold its own with sweet applesauce, fairly affordable, and that gold bottle will look beautiful on the table next to the menorah.

Matzoh ball soup delivery for Hanukkah from Russ & DaughtersMatzoh Ball Soup from Russ & Daughters

While matzoh ball soup is traditionally a Passover staple, plenty of us eat it year round because when it’s good it’s gooooood. I’m so happy to see that Russ & Daughters will ship their matzoh ball soup fairly affordably — $14/quart plus shipping so order plenty. It goes fast!

(I will add that if you’re shopping for someone who loves the matzoh ball soup from 2nd Avenue Deli or from Zabar’s, they both ship too — but phew, they’re both splurges.)

Best Hanukkah food gifts: You can't stop eating the Halva from Seed + MillSeed + Mill Halva Gift Boxes

If you’ve never tried Seed + Mill’s halva–a flaky, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth confection made from ground Ethiopian sesame seeds–it’s kind of incredible. At first you’re like, “what am I eating?” and by the third bite you can’t stop. This women-owned company makes some of the very best, offering plenty of edible Hanukkah gift ideas.

Best Hanukkah food gifts: Baked by Melissa Hanukkah assortment in kid-friendly flavorsBaked by Melissa Mini Hanukkah Cupcake Assortment

If you’re shopping for a big group of kids or cousins, they will never say no to the limited edition Festival of Bites mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. This Hanukkah assortment contain four crowd-pleasing flavors including…chocolate babka flavor! How clever is that!

Best Hanukkah food gifts: Sugarfina's 8 Nights of Love & Light reveals a new gourmet adult candy each night of HanukkahSugarfina 8 Nights of Love & Light Hanukkah Tasting Box

Basically a twist on chocolate Advent calendars, this tasting box of “adult candies” isn’t exactly a traditional Hanukkah food gift, but it’s definitely fun. Each night of Hanukkah, you open a new window to reveal a small box of treats like Champagne Bubbles, Robin’s Egg Caramels, and…Irish Coffee Cordials. (I told you it wasn’t traditional!) Check their site for some other Hanukkah food gifts, like the Hanukkah Love & Light 3-Piece Bento that’s like the tasting box without the reveal factor; or the Sweet Celebrations Hanukkah Bento that’s on sale for Black Friday, just $15.

Li-Lac Gourmet Chocolate Gelt: The best Hanukkah food giftsLi-Lac Chocolates Milk Chocolate Gelt

Last but definitely not least, we have to include chocolate gelt, right? Games of dreidel are traditionally played for these chocolate coins, and I have yet to find better than Li-Lac, a NYC chocolate institution for over 100 years. You can send a pound (or two or three, or look around the site for more chocolate Hanukkah gift ideas. I used to live across the street from their original West Village location, and let me tell you…it was a dangerous thing.