It’s nice to have a celebration to look forward right now, and 2023 Advent calendars–especially food Advent calendars–are such a joyful way to count down to Christmas with the kids. (Or, just for the adults!) However, if  you want to get your hands on one of the best food Advent calendars of 2023 that we’ve found, now is the time to place your order. Even if you haven’t put away your Halloween decorations yet. After all, the good ones go fast — and these are good ones. I’ve pulled together over a dozen of the most delectable 2023 Advent calendars featuring food of all kinds, from savory to sweet, affordable to oh, you shouldn’t have…but I’m glad you did. There are even a few allergen-free options, so that everyone can partake.

And keep your eyes on Cool Mom Picks for even the coolest, most creative Advent Calendars for 2023–beyond the ones here with little treats in them. They make great gifts, and finding a new one each year may become a tradition that makes your own holidays even more special.

The best 2023 food Advent calendars: Chocolate, cookies, coffee, tea, wine, and a few surprises! | cool mom eatsabove: Delysia Chocolates Advent Calendar for 2023

Our favorite delicious 2023 Advent Calendars filled with chocolate, cookies, coffee, tea, wine and a few surprises!

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The 2023 Advent Calendar for People Who Quote Elf All Year Long2023 Elf Movie Advent Calendar at Williams Sonoma: Grab it before it's gone!

This adorable 2023 Elf Advent Calendar exclusively at Williams-Sonoma features all of the treats Buddy the Elf grew up eating at the North Pole… from candy canes to maple syrup. In other words, the four food groups. This is sure to sell out quickly, so you’ll want to secure one for each of your Buddy loving friends and family members soon! Just note that this is a 12-day calendar, so you’ll have to wait until December to dig in. ($39.95, Williams-Sonoma)

The 2023 Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar That Gives New Meaning to “Extra”Vosges' 2023 Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar is OUTRAGEOUS. And a big splurge!

Dear Santa: I’ve been awesome this year. Please bring me this incredible, expensive, gorgeous gourmet Vosges Haut-Chocolat 2023 Advent Calendar. The Chicago-based chocolatier we’ve covered for years is is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with an outrageous holiday house that’s part music box, part charming holiday table centerpiece, part adults-only treat box. It lights up at the touch of a button and plays Dance of the Reed Flutes, plus it includes sophisticated treats like a Japanese Black Sugar Caramel, Matcha Mint Mini White Chocolate Bar, Crystallized Vietnamese Ginger, Forest Raspberry Rose Truffle, Dulce de Leche Chocolate Bonbon, and some gnomes that may be hard to let yourself eat — and to top it off, there’s a 25th chamber overflowing with divine treats for the big day. This calendar will begin shipping on November 30th, but pre-order now! ($300, Vosges…but if you want something festive but more affordable, check out the Vosges holiday treats on Goldbelly)

The 2023 Cookie Advent Calendar for the Christmas Traditionalist
Vienna Cookie Company Advent Calendar is filled with classic Christmas treats -- perfect for Oma!

The Vienna Cookie Company Advent Calendar is filled with handcrafted, classic Christmas cookies that would make any Oma happy. The 24 flavors range from jam-topped thumbprint cookies (Husarenkrapfer) to choco-peppermint cookies, to those adorable mini gingerbread people. Literally something for every taste in the house. ($84.95, Williams-Sonoma).

The Chocolate Advent Calendar That’s Made for Foodies
Delysia Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar for 2023: Each day's flavor is meant for pairing with a recommended wine, cheese, or other goodie

Pre-order Delysia Chocolatier’s 2023 chocolate truffle Advent calendar collection chocolate truffles ASAP and you’ll get more than just chocolate truffles — each one is crafted to be enjoyed with your favorite spirit, wine, tea, coffee or cheese. It’s a culinary adventure–each day, you follow the pairing suggestions provided on their website to really experience the truffle flavors. (Or just eat the truffle all by itself.) I’ve tried a sample from Delysia and I was truly blown away by the unique flavors and ingredients. And without spoiling the daily surprises you’ll get..I will tell you their Raspberry Rose Petal paired perfectly with the Pinot I had opened for dinner, just as they suggested. ($79.95, Delysia Chocolatier )

The 2023 Chocolate Advent Calendar To Complement a Soul Food Christmas
Sophisticated chocolate bonbons from Phillip Ashley's luxury Advent calendar inspired by tastes of traditional Black Southern Christmas celebrations

From one of our favorite chocolatiers originally featured in 18 delicious Father’s Day food gifts supporting Black-owned businesses Memphis’ Phillip Ashley’s luxury chocolate Advent Calendar  contains 24 drawers, each with a different hand-painted chocolate bonbon designed to look like a shiny Christmas ornament. It’s a chocolate Advent Calendar amazing array of sophisticated flavors, many inspired by traditional Black American cooking, like Chess Pie, Pecan Pie, Hummingbird Cake, Bourbon Banana Nut Bread, and Maple Caramel with Smoked Salt. This is a worthy splurge for discerning palates. ($149, Phillip Ashley)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Lovers of Candy…and Very Cute Advent Calendars
2023 Advent Calendar from Sugarfina is filled with candies from around the globe

For those who know that Advent Calendars aren’t just about chocolate, the 2032 Santa’s Workshop Sugarfina Advent Calendar is more sophisticated than the adorable packaging might indicate. Filled with candies sourced from around the world, It’s got 24 days’ worth of treats to try, sourced from across the globe, you’ll have 24 days of everything from sour gummies to, of courses, chocolates. $55, Food52)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Wine LoversVinebox 2023 Advent Calendar for Wine Lovers

For adults only of course, the Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine 2023 Advent Calendar lets us toast to peace, family, and all we are grateful for, for each of 12 nights with a single 100ml glass of wine. Each hand-picked wine is made from wine regions around Italy, France, Spain and California. Because this is another Advent Calendar that sells out every year, they are offering two options for 2023 — a collection of 12 reds in “The Cozy Collection” and a mix of whites, roses, and chill able reds in “The Chill Collection.” Of course  you can  get both, and be covered for all 24 nights in December leading up to Christmas. ($129 each, or $199 for both collections, VINEBOX)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Whiskey ConnoisseursFlavia's Whiskey Advent Calendar is a treat for Whiskey lovers!

Flaviar’s annual Advent Calendars sell out fast, and their 2023 Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar will be no exception. Themed around “The Lost Art of Distillation: The Amber Kingdom” (ooh, exotic!) you’ll get 24 top-shelf whiskey samples, a pair of Glencairn glasses, a tasting journal, and a year-long Black Membership to Flaviar should you want to get early access to limited edition bottles, discounts, and other benefits for the rest of the year. This really is an Advent Calendar that doubles as a spectacular Christmas gift. But order soon! ($250, Flaviar, with discounts for multiple orders)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Breakfast Lovers
the 2023 Advent Calendar from Bonne Maman features their amazing jellies and jams

Surely it is not just me who gets a genuine thrill from the little jars of Bonne Maman jams and marmalades from hotel room service, right?Just imagine the joy of opening each tiny new jar of their wonderful fruit spreads every single day in December with your very own Bonne Maman 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar. It includes 23 holiday fruit spread flavors (Caramel with Cinnamon! Raspberry Chocolate!) plus a jar of honey, making cold mornings a little more fun. You might even want to get a second one of these to hide in the pantry for yourself after the kids all head to school. Just order soon, it sells out super fast each year.  ($44.99, Amazon)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for New Yorkers, or Those Who Miss It
NYC Advent Calendar from MoMA featuring delicious French-made chocolates in a box you'll want to save

Of course our Brooklyn-based editor Liz couldn’t let this collection of food Advent Calendars go without insisting we include the NYC Advent calendar from Le Chocolat des Français, which is gorgeously illustrated by United Taste’s of America’s Jenny Bowers and brings to life the flavor (heh) of New York. Don’t worry, no hot dog flavored anything inside; just sweets like pralines, caramelized hazelnuts, and chocolate-covered marshmallow bears. ($45, MoMA Store)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Licorice Lovers – You Know Who You Are
Lakrid's Bulow Black Licorice Advent Calendar for 2023

If you’re a licorice fan, we’ve got a food Advent Calendar just for you — that the kids may not even steal. Lakrid’s by Bülow Black Licorice Advent Calendar is filled with 48 pieces of their exquisitely crafted Danish licorice, one for each day. Discover flavors from sweet to salty, from their original milk chocolate-coated licorice to classic caramel, to their famous passion fruit licorice. Plus, it’s all gluten-free. ($60, Food52)

The 2023 Candy Advent Calendar Made Just for GrownupsSugarfina's Carousel Advent calendar for 2023 filled with adult-favorite treats

We discovered this beautifully designed carousel Advent calendar from Sugarfina last year and called it “a keepsake you’ll want to carefully pack away for years to come.” Well, we still agree. With rechargeable LED lights to make it really sparkle, the center section can be turned by hand to reveal all the animals of the carousel. Inside each drawer, you’ll find 24 pieces of Sugarfina’s uniquely delicious candy in more grown-up flavors like Tequila Grapefruit Sours, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Peach Beilini Gummies, and their always-popular Rosé All Day Gummy Bears. Just tell the kids all the candy is “spicy” and hopefully they’ll leave it alone. ($195, Saks Fifth Ave) 

The 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar for Coffee Lovers. Because, Coffee.Best food Advent calendars for 2021: Yawn Coffee's coffee-a-day countdown

I had to include a coffee Advent Calendar (what would moms do without our Joe?) and I found a gorgeous one in this Coffee Advent Calendar from Yawn Brew. With a mix of 4 light roasts, 14 medium, and 6 darker roasts, you can customize the type of grind or select whole bean, letting you wake up delicious each morning for 24 days. Each pouch makes one cup of coffee, so if you want this to share, you’ll have to buy two, or trade off. That’s the Christmas spirit! ($56+ Yarn Brew on Etsy)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Tea Lovers (Because Not  Everyone Drinks Coffee)
Adagio Tea Advent Calendar 2023: Our favorite delicious Advent Calendars this year

If tea is your cozy beverage of choice, the 2023 Adagio Tea Advent Calendar will surely get you in the holiday spirit. It is filled with 24 unique holiday blends for each day, from “reindeer fuel” to “yuletide toddy.” Adagio sent a sample for us to try and I can highly recommend it. Be sure to select your choice of loose tea or tea bags.($34, Adagio Teas)

The 2023 Advent Calendar to Spice Up the Holidays12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar for 2023: Yum!

For those who like to heat things up in the winter–or any time, really– this 12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar will do the trick. Featuring a dozen unique, made in Pennsylvania hot sauce blends from mild (Sweet Onion Habanero) to ??? (Zombie Apocalypse), this Advent Calendar will keep your taste buds smoking. ($50, Uncommon Goods)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Fancy Bakers and Treat Makers
A 2023 Advent Calendar for Bakers: Sweetapolita Gourmet Sprinkles Calendar

If you know someone who goes wild over fancy sprinkles in every color and shape, you’ll make their holiday with this incredible gourmet sprinkle 2023 Advent Calendar from Sweetapolita. Thankfully these unique, colorful sprinkles don’t just fall out of the doors each day–they’re each housed in a 2-ounce jar, and guaranteed to make homemade cakes and cookies look incredible any time of year. PS If you want some decorating inspiration or want to make this a bigger gift for a baker, check out the Sweetapolita Bakebook which we featured way back in 2016 in 8 cool birthday cake ideas for tweens and teens. ($99, Sweetapolita Shop; or check out their original Sprinkles Advent Calendar for $139 on Etsy)

The 2023 Advent Calendar for Holiday Movie Snackers2023 Advent Calendar from Amish Country Popcorn : One of our favorite Advent Calendars of the year

If your family loves to catch up on all the best Christmas and holiday movies in December, the Amish Country Popcorn 12 day Advent Calendar will give you plenty to snack on while you watch. Each day features either a selection of gourmet popcorn kernels or one of four assorted seasonings, so you can hunker down for a cold winter’s movie we ek leading up to your Christmas celebration. Plus, very affordable so it’s a great gift for friends you’re visiting too. ($29.99, Amazon)

A 2023 Calendar For Counting Down Each Night of HanukkahA special Hanukkah countdown calendar from Phillip Ashley chocolates

Though not an Advent calendar at all, we are In love with Phillip Ashley’s stunning Hanukkah countdown calendar for our Jewish family and friends. Available for pre-sale now for delivery in time for the first night of Hanukkah (hurry, it’s December 7 this year!), it’s beautifully designed to be enjoyed over the eight day of Hanukkah; each night you’ll get three luxury bonbons with Chef Ashley’s incredible twists on traditional Jewish desserts, like halvah (with cardamom tahini, mmmm), rugelach, tzimmes, and honey cake. What a wonderful way to celebrate 8 special nights.($149, Phillip Ashley)

2023 Chocolate Advent Calendars for People with Food Allergies:
3 Delicious Options

Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan

For gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan eaters: All my dairy-free/gluten-free friends and the vegans in my life will love that I found this Divine Chocolate Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar, which gets raves for flavor and price. It’s a chocolatey dream come true for us grownups with food sensitivities or limited choices around traditional chocolate Advent Calendars. Each of the 24 doors holds a fair trade, rich dark chocolate for a small treat each day and even better, it supports the cocoa farmers who co-own the company. For a bonus, there are little educational fun facts behind each flap. ($14.57, Amazon)Chocolate Advent Calendar for Dairy-Free People or Vegans: Moo Free 2023 Advent CalendarFor Vegans or Dairy-Free Eaters: I have two dairy-free kiddos, so most store-bought Advent calendars in 2023 are off-limits for them. But The Moo-Free 2023 vegan and gluten-free chocolate Advent calendar is a smart and affordable option filled with holiday goodies. And just look at those cute illustrations! Love that our vegan and gluten-free kids can enjoy something other than the candy canes hanging off the tree. ($17.17, Amazon)

For Nut-Free Eaters: If you need a 2023 chocolate Advent calendar our nut-free kiddos, no worries! Check out this one that we love from No Whey! Foods. It’s also free of dairy, soy, egg, and gluten, so everyone (but the dogs) can enjoy. ($14.95, Amazon)

Be sure to get your Advent calendar 2023 order in ASAP if you fall in love with one of these, so you’re ready to do a proper countdown starting December 1. Speaking from experience, it’s not quite as much fun to start the countdown on say, December 7.