A simple Memorial picnic menu

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The coolest small appliance gifts for grads

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Fabulous fall comfort meals | Meal Plan Ideas #39

Fabulous fall comfort meals | Meal Plan Ideas #39

The weather is getting chillier where I live and it's dark at 6:30pm, so it's not surprise that warm, comforting dinners are all I have on my mind (well that, and finishing Kristen's recommendation to watch MAID on Netflix). So next week I am planning out a few of our...

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How to Konmari your fridge in 7 easy steps

A few years ago, I read Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and could not wait to apply it to my house. Using her mantra of only keeping things that "bring me joy," I first tackled my clothes and...

How and why to Konmari your fridge


Happy Summer! The perfect Memorial Day picnic menu

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and I'm looking forward to spending the unofficial first weekend of summer with my family. To celebrate, I'm thinking a picnic is in order! As a kid, my grandparents used to pack a picnic lunch and spend the day decorating...

The perfect Memorial Day picnic menu

3 kid-approved cookbooks that we are loving right now

Much to my delight, social media and food tv shows have inspired more and more kids (including mine) to venture into the kitchen to try everything from TikTok recipes to baking for just themselves. What I love is that spending time in the kitchen teaches more than...

Three amazing cookbooks for kids from America's Test Kitchen

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