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It’s not just grilling! (Though there’s a lot of grilling.)

Thanks a lot, TikTok: Trying the crispy tofu recipe

Thanks a lot, TikTok: Trying the crispy tofu recipe

In our latest TikTok recipe adventure, we decided to give crispy tofu a try, as recommended by our very own Christina Refford. Now, when I made the suggestion to my son, I let him search for the recipe, and here's why: a) Kids are much better at finding stuff on the...

13 tasty and creative DIY dinners for the family

13 tasty and creative DIY dinners for the family

If you have picky eaters or family members with different dietary restrictions, it can be challenging to make a meal that pleases everyone. One of my favorite hacks is DIY dinners. I just set out all the ingredients and let my family members prepare their own meal...

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How to grill pizza: My family’s new summer obsession.

When my omniscient editor asked me to write a post on how to grill pizza, I literally yelled out loud, “YESSSSS!” In my short career of grilling pizzas, I have become obsessed. I honestly can't believe how satisfying and easy homemade grilled pizzas can be. And...

How to grill pizza: Photo (c) Jane Sweeney at Cool Mom Eats


Thanks a lot, TikTok: Ramen Hack

So it's been a hot minute since we have have had time to try another TikTok recipe around here!  My teen had his wisdom teeth out, then a little set back and now finally back to eating like "normal" - which means he is standing in my kitchen looking for something...

Thanks a lot, TikTok: Ramen Hack

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