To be clear, we’re sharing some fun and healthy Halloween treats with you, but remain firmly on #teamcandy. One big old sugar feast this time of year is a blast — especially if your kids are willing to donate a portion of their Halloween candy or otherwise part with the leftovers. That said, if you can create some easy healthy Halloween treats to get them through October, it creates a decent balance.

Plus, it keeps you from ripping into those giant Costco-sized bags of candy a month in advance, then having to buy more on October 30. Ask us how we know.

Easy, Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

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1. Healthy “Bloody Brain” Halloween Yogurt Parfaits
Healthy Halloween Treats: Spooky Yogurt Parfaits | cool mom eats

This adorable tin of “emergency” google eyes is a fun Halloween gift for kids on its own, but they also turn basically anything in a mason jar into a health Halloween treat. Like a yogurt parfait, filled with layers of greek yogurt, preserves, and homemade granola. Just give it a creepy name like a “bloody brain parfait.”  The kids will love it. (Parfait image:  Irina Grigoraş via Unsplash)

2. Spooky Tortilla Dippers + Hummus/Guac
Healthy Halloween treats for kids: Bat-shaped tortilla dippers via PlanetBox

The PlanetBox blog is always good for lots of Bento lunch inspiration, and I spy a super easy, healthy Halloween treat in these bat-shaped tortilla dippers. It’s as simple as cutting shapes from a flour tortilla using Halloween cookie cutters, brush with a little olive oil, and bake. For healthy dips, heck out these 10 homemade dips and dressings (including our fave, homemade hummus) or go ahead and whip up this best classic guacamole recipe.  And of course the nut butter (or SunButter) scooped into a celery stalk plus edible google eyes shown above is fun all by itself.

3. Mini Mummy Halloween Pizza Snacks
Halloween Mini Mummy Pizzas made easy using pre-made crescent roll dough | via Pillsbury

The team at Pillsbury had us at “15 minute prep,” with this simple recipe for mini crescent mummy pizzas. It’s just four ingredients including your favorite ready-made pizza sauce, and I like the suggestion to swap mini pepperonis for black olives if your kids aren’t fans. If you want to go fully homemade with sauce have at it! Or check out these tricks for making jarred sauce taste more like homemade.

4. Healthy Halloween Boo-Berry Smoothies
Boo-Berry Smoothies for Halloween served in skull mason jars

No relation to the sugary cereal of my youth, you can make your own Boo-Berry smoothie using any favorite recipe and giving it a fun name. Just be sure to serve it in a set of glass skull mason jar mugs. Find ideas in this roundup of fall-flavored smoothies, like pear-pomegranate or cranberry-apple. Try the tangerine-strawberry smoothie we shared herer. Or hey, just toss whatever berries your kids like into a blender with greek yogurt and a little juice. (Pro tip: see Stacie’s incredible trick for making any smoothie healthier. Just consider whether you want to tell the kids or not.)

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5. Healthy Halloween Sugar Skull Fruit Dip
Healthy Halloween treats: Sugar skull fruit dip with Wheat Thins

We’ve shared lots of fun creative Halloween snack trays that have loads of ideas for making fruit more fun. But to make it even easier copy the fruit design of this Halloween sugar skull fruit dip via SnackWorks. So cute!  Of course the shape of the chip and dip server is important, so we tracked down this sugar skull printed bowl, which will still look Halloween-y even when the food is all gone. And just $7!

6. Halloween Skull Fruit and Nut Tray
Skull Shaped server for Halloween: fill with yogurt covered nuts, raisins, you name it! | healthy halloween treats for kids

Just spotted this amazing skull shaped dish at Pottery Barn and wow! Fill the eyes with anything dark — raisins or dark-chocolate coated fruit or nuts spring to mind (if you don’t have any nut allergies at home, of course!)– then fill the rest with whatever, really. Yogurt-covered pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, or even a yogurt-based dip. Dried apricots or mango strips would look great in that nose.

7. Healthy-ish Baked Banana Bread Halloween DonutsHealthy(ish) Halloween baked donut recipe

So this is probably  the least “easy” of all these ideas, but the kids will be so excited. Try any of these delicious baked donut recipes, though I think the banana bread donuts at the bottom is perfect for a healhy-ish Halloween treat. To decorate, try the homemade strawberry donut frosting from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which is made with fresh strawberries and preserves — you might even try swapping in some blueberries or blackberries for a deeper color. The fruity frosting will be great with the banana bread. Then draw on basic spider webs using good quality white decorative icing, and for fun, add a few plastic spiders. (Image: Maryam Sicard via Unsplash+)

8. Healthy Halloween Fruit: Just Add Googly Eyes!Bananas with google eyes make a healthy Halloween treat that's so easy for lunchbox snacks too

The easiest healthy Halloween treat of all: Just add those google eyes to on bananas, oranges, tangerines, or any fruits with a thick rind. It makes them more fun to grab out of the fruit bowl on the counter after school, but they’re also super portable lunchbox treats. To dial it up even more, wrap some gauze bandages before applying the eyes and turn them into fruit mummies. Couldn’t be easier.