Here, I’ve wrangled together some of the easiest Halloween treat ideas we’ve shared over the past few years. on Instagram You know, the kind you can mainly do without complex instructions. You might not even need the recipe at all.

Because while have the best time finding creative, fun Halloween treat recipes every year (some of which are even just for the adults), it’s often the semi-homemade or easy homemade Halloween treats that we enjoy whipping up the most.

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       Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Graveyard brownie treats by Christina for Cool Mom Eats

Our own Christina put together these semi-homemade Halloween graveyard brownies, and I am now convinced that I can do it too! Her tip: “cut off the bottom of the Milanos to make them shorter, you can eat the scraps!” Yes, please. |  Via Cool Mom Eats

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Mummy cupcake decorating by Stacie for Cool Mom Eats

Want a treat that’s super easy but still impressive? Check out Stacie’s easy mummy cupcakes — as simple as having the right piping tip for the white frosting, edible googly eyes, and your own dark chocolate cupcakes. Mmmm.  | Via  Stacie Billis for Cool Mom Eats

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Halloween mummy fruits by the decorated cookie

Yes, Halloween treats can be healthy. A little extra effort with some gauze and a couple of google eyes, and you’ve got these genius Halloween fruit mummies created by Meaghan of the Decorated Cookie. Her feed is packed with Halloween treat ideas right now — yes, many of them cookies. She’s a great follow. | Via @TheDecoratedCookie

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Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Healthy apple mummies by Stacie Billis for cool mom picks

All out of gauze? Try this easy Halloween fruit treat instead: Mummy apples! So clever and truly simple. A squirt of lemon juice will keep them from browning, though the kids may eat these up quickly. | Via  Stacie Billis for Cool Mom Eats


Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Frankenstein waffle by Handmade Charlotte

If you want to get indulgent before school starts on Halloween, how about these Frankenstein waffles? Kudos to the team at Handmade Charlotte, who always put together the cutest crafts. Especially when they’re edible. | Via @handmadecharlotte

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Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Halloween bagel snacks by Cool Mom Eats

For a Halloween breakfast or lunchbox option that’s easy on the sugar, I think this idea from Stacie is brilliant: Adding vampire teeth to regular bagel sandwiches. Just make sure you uh, wash those teeth out if the kids stick them in their mouths right after eating the bagel.  | Via  Stacie Billis for Cool Mom Eats

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Spooky macaron decorating by Lindsey Ruel

Having recently attempted homemade macarons with my daughter, and realizing how easy they really are, my next project is going to be a batch of Halloween macarons inspired by Lindsey Ruel’s versions, here. I think that once you get the colors down, it’s just a matter of having fun with the icing. | Via @lindsey.ruel

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Creepy s'mores by aww sam

Every season is s’mores season as far as our kids are concerned, and these Halloween s’mores from designer and stylist Sam Ushiro are truly disgusting in the best possible way. We even called them the winner of Halloween s’mores should there be such a thing. Sam’s feed is always a breath of happy, fresh air and inspiration — and generally light on the edible eyeballs. | Via @aww.sam

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Halloween "bananamals" at Hello Wonderful

They’re bananas…they’re animals…they’re bananimals! Jessica of Luxe and the Lady created these for Hello Wonderful out of magic shell, melted chocolate, a few little decoratifs and extremely healthy fresh fruit. Which makes them fruit, right? They definitely require a bit more artistry than some of the others, or just stick with the ghosts. Easy enough, right?  | Via @hellowonderful_co