We’ll be rushing our kids off to school on Halloween morning this year, but hopefully not without a fun and spooky Halloween breakfast first. Because a holiday this fun for kids should be celebrated all day long, not just once the sun goes down.

If you’re up for getting festive in the morning — or staying up late to prep some fun recipes the night before – -I think these fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids that I’ve found will help you give the kids a surprise they’ll love. Some are sweet, some are more savory, and some are, well, a lot sweet. It’s all up to you.

Top: Matcha monster waffles recipe from Handmade Charlotte


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Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Danish Mummies at The Kitchen Prep

How adorable are these Berry and Cheese Danish Mummies from The Kitchen Prep? And I love that you can easily take them with you on the go, if you’re running a little late and need to eat breakfast in the car. Not that that’s ever happened to me.

Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Pumpkin Pancakes with Spiders at Not Out of the Box

OMG, these Pumpkin pancakes with chocolate spiders at Not Out of the Box look so yummy — and pretty easy. You can even mix up the batter the night before, and then just cook them in the morning before school. Your kids will love the extra detail of those edible spiders. So fun.

Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Matcha Monster Waffles at Handmade Charlotte

If you want to just throw up your hands and say, “today’s candy day, kids,” then this is the fun Halloween breakfast idea for you. I’m loving these silly Matcha monster waffles recipe at Handmade Charlotte. And if you’re not wanting to overload the kids with too much candy first thing in the morning, substitute banana slices and blueberries to make those eyes instead! I’m sure there are substitutes for the Kit Kat mouth but…Kit Kats. Yum


Dash Mini Skull Waffle Maker at Amazon

How cute is this Dash Mini Skull Waffle maker (affiliate)? Not only could you make the matcha waffles or pumpkin pancakes in it, because it makes just a single waffle at a time, but you could also let your kids make their very own spooky waffles in the morning. And if you are really festive, you could grab the pumpkin and spiderweb waffle maker as well (affiliates).

Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Donut Spiders at Cooking on the Front Burners

Okay with breakfast on the sweet side? Then semi-homemade treats for the win, with these fun Halloween spider donuts at Cooking on the Front Burners. Also, these would be a perfect treat for a class party if you’ve been charged with bringing the treats and want to jazz up something store-bought.

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Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Baked Egg Eyeballs at Toaster Oven Love

Not all of our breakfast ideas are 100% sugar! In fact, I love this Baked Egg Eyeballs Halloween breakfast idea  at Toaster Oven Love, because they’re such a smart, protein-packed start to your kids’ day. More energy to trick-or-treat with later, we say.

Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Purple People Eater smoothie at Jeannie's Tried and True Recipes

I love this clever Purple People Eater smoothie at Jeannie’s Tried and True Recipes, because smoothies are always a huge hit with my kids. And so easy! One gummy worm as a garnish is all you need to make it feel totally Halloween-y, or try the DIY lychee eyeball recipe we featured. Ew! And, yum!

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Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf at Love in my Oven

Okay, so this amazing chocolate pumpkin loaf at Love in my Oven takes a little extra work. Or, a lot, depending how much you bake. But I think it’s a perfect fun Halloween breakfast for a school morning because you can bake it ahead of time then just slice and go in the morning. Be sure to serve with greek yogurt, oatmeal, or eggs to get some protein in there too.

Fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids: Halloween Unicorn Donuts at One Sarcastic Baker

I couldn’t resist including these cute Halloween unicorn donuts at One Sarcastic Baker as a super clever, fun Halloween breakfast the kids will adore. But I have to say — I think I’d buy a box of store-bought donuts and enlist my tween and teen to help me decorate them ahead of time. They’d get a kick out of it, and I would love the help.