I love Indian and Thai food, but when I think of cooking it myself, I imagine a long list of exotic spices, special trips to the International Farmer’s Market, and dishes that need to simmer for hours on end. And I think I speak for all of us when I say,¬†ain’t nobody got time for all that.¬†Which is why I’m excited to share these easy, super fast curry recipes that¬†require no expertise,¬†come together fast, and taste so good, the kids won’t even how many veggies they’re¬†eating.

Well, probably.

Top: Thai Green Curry with Eggplant, Snowpeas, and Tofu at Whisk Affair | Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry  at Pinch of Yum

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Thai Green Curry with Eggplant, Snow Peas, and Tofu is a colorful feast. | Whisk Affair

I first noticed the Thai Green Curry with Eggplant, Snowpeas, and Tofu at Whisk Affair because of its vibrant colors, but this all-veggie recipe also boasts a complex flavor with basil, chili, fish sauce, and lemon, too. If your kids are skeptical about tofu, you may have better luck lightly frying it before adding it to the recipe, which I always do to give my tofu a crispy texture. Also, two of the ingredients in this list are in metric, so unless you feel like brushing up on your high school math while cooking for hungry children, just remember that 100g = 3.5 ounces.


Healthy Thai Green Chicken Curry packs a lot of flavor for a such a quick recipe. | Kendra's Treats

Green curry is the lesser-known curry of the family, but is every bit as delicious as yellow and red curries, which is why I’m glad I found two easy versions. If tofu and veggies just won’t fly in your house, this¬†Thai Green Chicken Curry at Kendra’s Treats has chicken, mushrooms (which are easy to pick around), and zucchini noodles, or “zoodles,” as she calls them. Not only are “zoodles” just about the most kid-friendly way ever to serve veggies, but “zoodles” is a word that definitely needs to be in your kids’ food-cabulary.


This sweet potato spinach curry is fast, healthy, and so, so good. | Taste of Yum

I’m already a fan of¬†Lindsey, the food bloggess extraordinaire behind Pinch of Yum, but this recipe brought me to a new level of adoration. I love how easy and healthy her¬†Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry¬†is, packed with¬†spinach and, well, sweet potatoes. Kids will love the mellow flavor, making it a great choice for, uh, selective eaters who may not be used to eating curries. If you have more than 30 minutes to spend on this meal or some time to prep ahead on the weekend, consider trying the incredible-looking homemade Yellow Curry Paste, too.

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Indian Butter Chicken, the joy of my heart and pretty much the best of all quick curry recipes. | The Kitchen Paper

I have to confess that when I first heard of butter chicken, so many years ago, I pictured something slathered in grease and totally unappetizing. How could I have been so wrong? Yes, it’s a rich dish, complete with‚ÄĒyou guessed it‚ÄĒa sizable helping of butter and no small amount of cream. But the lovely aromatic spices, cilantro, hint of lime, and generous tomato¬†balance the heavier ingredients to make this¬†Indian Butter Chicken¬†at The Kitchen Paper a dish no one in your family will want to stop eating. Ever. Also, try Mary’s quick naan recipe if you have time‚ÄĒthis sauce was made to be sopped up with bread.


Thai Meatballs with Red Curry Coconut Sauce in only 30 minutes? Come to mama. | Things I Made Today

I had to throw this one in for those of you with meat-insistent children. It’s easy to find vegetarian curry recipes, but a Thai¬†meatball¬†recipe that’s ready in 30 minutes? Amazing. I kind of outdid myself with this find, guys, but all the real credit should go to Vicky at Things I Made Today for the standout Thai Meatballs with Red Curry Coconut Sauce¬†recipe, of course. I love that it combines pork meatballs with classic Thai flavors. It’s immediately going at the top of my to-try list.

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Protein-rich quinoa and a riot of vegetables in this Creamy Curried Quinoa recipe. | The Full Helping.

I¬†had to include this vegan, veggie-packed Creamy Curried Quinoa¬†at The Full Helping to balance out the butter chicken, but also¬†because it looks truly delicious. The recipe¬†calls for boiling the quinoa in coconut milk and curry (so clever!), then adding a host of colorful vegetables.¬†Don’t mention the word “vegan,” and kids will never suspect how healthy it is.


One more reason to love the Pioneer Woman--she makes an amazing Coconut Curry Shrimp! | The Pioneer Woman

Like many of you, I’ve been following the Pioneer Woman for several years and, at this point, I’d pretty much trust Ree Drummond with my life. Or at least the contents of my kitchen. She brings a laid-back simplicity to her recipes without losing even a hint of amazing flavor. Case in point: her¬†Coconut Curry Shrimp. If you aren’t already convinced by just the¬†name¬†of this dish (coconut! curry! shrimp!), trust me, you’re in good hands with Ree.

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Curried Veggie Brown Rice Bowls come together in eleven minutes (yep, you heard that right!) | Eat Healthy Eat Happy

According to Gin at Eat Healthy Eat Happy, this recipe takes eleven minutes to complete. . . ¬†Sold. If you’re not already convinced, know that it’s also full of fiber, protein, and kid-friendly flavors. Plus, rice bowls make awesome re-heatable meals. At this point, I’d probably¬†cook this meal for the sheer convenience factor, even if it tasted like burnt toast, but Gin has added a perfect combination of Indian spices along with (surprise!) a hint of peanut butter to make sure that these¬†Quick Curried Veggie Brown Rice Bowls¬†are¬†better than that.¬†Way better.