These are our favorite food links from around the web this week. We hope that you enjoy them too!


Like to bake? Join King Arthur’s #bakealong challenge on Instagram this week.

Following our Thanksgiving cooking schedule will make your big day so much more enjoyable.

Thanksgiving hotlines to call, should your turkey or anything else (food-related) not cooperate on Thanksgiving. The kids don’t count.

Gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes, make-ahead Thanksgiving dishes, and classic Thanksgiving pies to round out your meal.


Would you try McDonald's new Nutella burger?

We cannot even handle McDonald’s new Nutella burger. (Guess where you can find it?)

Whole Foods has a surprising (and affordable) new rival for America’s healthiest grocery chain. We’re intrigued.

Important news: Why there are more yellow Skittles in your bag than any other color.

Why Eater isn’t sharing a list of minority-owned restaurants that you can support. It’s a really good reason.


We're geeking out over the Scotch Trooper Instagram feed, which combines our loves of Star Wars and whiskey.

The Scotch Trooper Instagram account: For those who love Star Wars and whiskey. (All of us?)

Oreo candy bars. That is all.

Ooh! A rare re-release of Salvador Dali’s 1973 cookbook.

Should we introduce an environmental-impact tax on food? A compelling argument.

Another Parmesan cheese recall. Oof.