You guys, as a coconut lover — who firmly believes that¬†coconut oil is the most useful thing in your kitchen¬†— I couldn’t be more excited about¬†the new Starbucks iced coffee drink. And I think that you will be, too, because toasted coconut cold brew.

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If the idea of smooth cold brew coffee with a tropical touch sounds like just what you need this spring and summer, you’re going to love the combination of Starbucks Nari√Īo 70 Cold Brew, toasted coconut syrup, with its touch of honey flavor, and coconut milk.


The latest iced coffee drink at Starbucks that we're all freaking out over: The Starbucks Toasted Coconut Cold Brew. Summer perfection! | Cool Mom Eats

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And the best part? While it may sound like a caloric bomb, a grande will cost you only 50 calories and half a gram of fat, which is way better than any¬†frappuccino. I do admit, though, that the 11 grams of sugar you’ll take in is more than I’m used to given that I typically¬†drink unsweetened coffee. If you also prefer your coffee not too sweet, ask for just one or two pumps of the coconut syrup like I do, and assume that number will come down a bit — if you’re keeping track.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hit my local Starbucks for my first taste of this deliciousness. You might want to join me seeing that the drink will be around for a limited time only.