Of all the big developmental tasks in the first couple of years — you know, things like crawling, walking, and talking — teething may be the least fun. For baby and parents. The aches, the fussiness, the constant stream of drool: It’s rough. So I’ve put together a list of teething snacks that are low on sugar, yummy, and frozen, to help soothe those sore gums (not to mention help everyone cool off for summer).

The best part? These treats are so healthy, you never have to say no.

Okay, at least you don’t have to say no to these.

Top: Pea Pops | Weelicious

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Low sugar teething snacks: Coconut Pops | Sugar and Charm

Have coconut water in your fridge? And some type of fruit? Then you have all of what you need to make these crazy easy (and very pretty!) Coconut Pops. Check out Sugar and Charm to find out how.


Low sugar teething snacks: Pea Pops | Weelicious

Peas? In popsicles? I was skeptical at first, too, but Catherine at Weelicious guarantees these Pea Pops (above & top) are delicious and totally appealing to babies, who think that the ideas of peas suspended in popsicles is pretty darn cool.


Low sugar teething snacks: Froyo Bites | Super Healthy Kids

Toddlers may not be ready for a whole buffet of toppings for their frozen yogurt just yet (or all that added sugar), so try these fruit-sweetened Froyo Bites at Super Healthy Kids instead. I love that they’re made in bite-size portions right in your ice tray.


Low sugar teething snacks: Homemade Veggie Ice Pops | Growing a Green Family

These Homemade Veggie Ice Pops at Growing a Green Family are a brilliant way to use up your leftover vegetables, on par with Stacie’s trick for using up leftovers. Just make sure that you have some fruit around to balance the savory.

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Low sugar teething snacks: Frozen Watermelon Pops | Cook the Story

It truly doesn’t get any easier than these Frozen Watermelon Pops at Cook the Story. As long as you have our pro tips on how to pick the perfect watermelon and carve it easily too.


Low sugar teething snacks: Healthy Green Popsicles | Momables

The spinach in these Healthy Green Popsicles functions like a good smoothie add in: all the nutrients, none of the leafy flavor. You can feel extra good about giving your child one –or a few — of these.


Low sugar teething snacks: Avocado Pear Popsicles | The Spunky Coconut

Avocado makes the best baby food: full of good fat, no sugar, and so creamy. It turns out that avocado is also the ideal ingredient for these Avocado Pear Popsicles at The Spunky Coconut, which I predict will get snatched up by everyone in the family, not just baby.


Low sugar teething snacks: Banana, Almond Butter and Greek Yogurt Pops | Yummy Toddler Food

These Banana, Almond Butter, and Greek Yogurt Pops at Yummy Toddler Food pack in tons of protein and make a great anytime snack, even when your toddler moves beyond the teething phase (because it will end…right?).

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Low sugar teething snacks: Frozen Applesauce Bites | Dallas City Moms Blog

Keep it simple with these Frozen Applesauce Bites at Dallas City Moms Blog. Just make sure that you look for a low sugar applesauce or make your own, like this no-sugar-added 15 Minute Apple Sauce at Life Made Simple.