With the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer breaking yesterday (watch now!), and tickets for the movie going on sale last night (got mine!) the annual end-of-year Star Wars frenzy has begun. If you want to get ahead of the curve on gifts for your favorite Star Wars-slash-cooking fan, the hottest gifts of all this year may be the new limited edition Le Creuset Star Wars collection.

It ranges from fun little items to some Lando-level splurges, and I’m here for all of it.

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Le Creuset Star Wars collection: An affordable silicone Millennium Falcon trivet

Star Wars kitchenware is nothing new. But the caché of items made by the classic French stoneware brand is pretty amazing.

First off, here’s the big stuff: If you’re the type to host a May the Fourth party every year, and you plan on nabbing Disney+ mainly for the Star Wars franchise,  you’ll clearly need the 5 ½ quart Darth Vader Le Creuset Dutch Oven. It’s perfect for those of you who like to cook your meat on the dark side. (What? I’m punchy.)

It’s spendy for sure. But then, it’s less than you’ll pay for 4 scalped tickets on opening night.

Le Creuset Darth Vader Dutch Oven from the new Star Wars collection

You will also want to check out the Han in Carbonite Roaster (at very top), which, while good for a chuckle, is a whopping $450. And before you scream, “who would pay for that?” on our Facebook page, I assure you… it will sell out. If not to you.

Not exclusive enough for you. I hear you. Then check out the outrageous, hand-painted ombre Tattoine Dutch oven with a gradient color inspired by the desert sunsets. There are only 9 being made. So who knows, maybe it’s a steal to buy one of them, then resell it in a few years and make a fortune.

But don’t worry, the collection won’t cost you all a zillion Tatooine golden wupiupi.

Le Creuset Star Wars collection: Droid mini cocottes

I really dig the Le Creuset droid mini cocottes for $30 each, or s a set. They’re all pretty great looking but I’m partial to the gold C3P0, which would look great on your coffee table, serving popcorn or snack dip during family movie night.

Le Creuset Star Wars collection: Porg pie bird at a great price!

For more affordable options, check out the 8″  Millennium Falcon silicone trivet (at top) which is a pretty cool design.  There’s also a truly adorable Porg pie bird, is priced well enough to make a cool little stocking stuffer or fun hostess gift for your favorite geeky holiday host.

Whether or not you use it to serve an actual Porg pie is up to you.

Keep an eye out for the limited edition  Le Creuset Star Wars collection on the Le Creuset site, where you can sign up for alerts when it goes on sale November 1. You can also preorder pre-order several items at Williams-Sonoma right now for shipping in a few weeks.