When the temperature starts to climb, I have no problem reaching for something frozen on a stick to cool all of us off.¬†And I especially love when that popsicle treat is actually pretty good for our bodies, too, with healthier ingredients blended in to create something delicious. So grab your favorite popsicle molds (at our affiliate Amazon) and one of these easy-to-make, healthier popsicle recipes for kids. It’s time to get freezing.

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Popsicle recipes for kids: Homemade Indian Summer beet popsicles | 100 Layer Cake-let

A confession: I am not a fan of beets, though these¬†homemade Beet and Apple Popsicles¬†at¬†100 Layer Cakelet (above and¬†top) intrigue me¬†thanks to the addition¬†of¬†yogurt, honey, and apples, three foods I could eat every day. I bet my kids wouldn’t even know that beets are hidden in these bright red popsicles, making these a great way to get all that good-for-them vitamins and minerals¬†into their growing bodies. However, heed the photo above and serve these popsicles outside with minimal clothing on the popsicle eater.


Popsicle recipes for kids: Blueberry Pomegranate Popsicles | The Black Peppercorn

Another recipe that you may want to serve outside, these¬†Blueberry and Pomegranate Popsicles¬†at¬†The Black Peppercorn pair fresh or frozen blueberries and pomegranate juice to create deep purple beauties. Though packed with all the antioxidants found in the two fruits, these popsicles are also made with added sugar so they’re still very much a treat. Isn’t¬†that what summer eating is about, though? Oh, and the kids will love their purple lips, too.


Popsicle recipes for kids: Orange and Vanilla Popsicles | Honestly.com

With only three ingredients‚ÄĒcompared to over 20 in the store-bought version‚ÄĒthis smooth and creamy¬†Sweet Orange Vanilla Popsicle¬†recipe¬†at Honestly¬†looks so delicious that I can almost taste it through my screen. And if ¬†you would rather not¬†work up a sweat squeezing oranges for their juice, your favorite store-bought¬†OJ¬†will do just as well.

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Popsicle recipes for kids: Creamy avocado fudgesicles | Super Healthy Kids

With three ingredients and simple instructions to blend and freeze, this super easy recipe from Super Healthy Kids for homemade Chocolate-Avocado Fudgesicles¬†is right up my alley. Plus: Chocolate. I know from trying chocolate-avocado mousse that the good fats in avocado help make this concoction creamy and smooth without making it¬†taste like guacamole or anything even close to it. You can bet I’m going to try this with my incredibly picky eater this summer.

Popsicle recipes for kids: Green juice popsicles | Just a Taste

Getting my kids to eat their greens will be a whole lot easier with these bright and beautiful Green Juice Popsicles¬†at¬†Just a Taste.¬†With a mix of healthy greens blended with apples, pineapple, and honey, they look healthy enough to serve at any time of the day. I plan to blow my kids’ minds and let them have these popsicles for breakfast. Yes, that’s how we roll in July.


Popsicle recipes for kids: Homemade Coconut Chia Popsicles | The View from Great Island

Magical chia seeds turn just a few¬†ingredients into chewy, pudding-like popsicles with the coolest texture. This recipe for¬†Chia Coconut Pudding Popsicles¬†at¬†The View from Great Island¬†has many ideas for adapting the flavors for your kids’ palate. Keep them sweetened only with the fruit for a healthier breakfast option, or add sweetness for more of a dessert treat.


Popsicle recipes for kids: Pumpkin and Chocolate Popsicles | Super Healthy Kids

Though this recipe for¬†Pumpkin Chocolate Popsicles¬†at Super Healthy Kids¬†is billed as a great fall dessert, I’m a fan of pumpkin all year around‚ÄĒplus, I might want to channel a little autumn when it’s 101 outside. Cold and satisfying, this¬†recipe is also easy to make, and my kids would love to be in charge of the “chocolate drizzle application” part.