I’m not sure about you guys, but nothing has made me want to drink heavily quite like this election season. While my personal drinking game tonight will be a simple one—can I keep from drinking an entire bottle of wine all by myself as a way of coping—I thought you might appreciate something a little more refined. (Little being the operative word.) Because, tonight, it’s time to make American drunk again.

(Were we ever not drunk?)

Okay, drunk jokes aside, these drinking games work with mocktails, too, and we have plenty of those recipes, as well as cocktail recipes below. Or just open a pint of ice cream and take a bite instead of a sip whenever it’s time. Hey, whatever gets you through.


DebateDrinking.com - your debate night relief | Cool Mom Eats
If you haven’t already visited DebateDrinking.com, now is definitely the time. The site provides a list of drink words (think: second amendment for Mr. Trump and women for HRC) and you drink whenever you hear them. Simple business for the drinking game purists among you.

Spoon University posted their own election drinking game way back in March—because they have (understandably) been drinking the whole time—and though some of the drinking prompts aren’t relevant to tonight’s debate, many still are. Plus you’ll get plenty of ideas that will help keep you drinking between now and election day. Because we need someway to get through the next three weeks.

Of course, no drinking game is complete without cocktail recipes, so here are a few of our favorites—if you have the energy to bother with more than swigging straight out of the bottle. And mocktails, too, of course.


Debate night drinking game? Or debate night desserts? Combine the two with this Nutella Martini for the ultimate in comfort. | Averie Cookies

 Nutella Martini | Averie Cooks

Let’s start with some Nutella cocktail recipes, shall we? Because, for me, drinking during the debate is not as much about the alcohol as it is about relaxing my nerves and, well, comforting myself. Since Nutella has the same effect on me, why not combine it with alcohol for a double hit of everything’s going to be okay. (It’s going to be? RIGHT?!) And if you’re with me on the Nutella, but not so much on the alcohol, you’ll be happy to know that this round up of Nutella drink recipes doesn’t just include cocktails, like the Nutella Martini at Averie Cooks (pictured), but also non-alcoholic options too.


For your debate or election night drinking game: A Banana Daiquiri that will take you away to a place with no politics, just beach. Maybe. | Honestly Yum

Banana Daiquiri | Honestly Yum

Looking for drinks that will give you a Calgon moment? (Remember? Calgon, take me away!) These Banana Daiquiri recipes—one, the Banana Daiquiri at Honestly Yum, made with alcohol and the other one made without—will transport you to a place far, far away where there is no election, just beach.

Sooth yourself on debate night AND use up all that apple cider you keep buying with this Apple Cider Margarita at Cookie + Kate

Spiced Apple Margarita | Cookie + Kate

Feeling like you want something seasonal? These apple cider drinks are perfect for right now. The mocktail is delicious, but if you’re looking for something seasonal and strong, the Spiced Apple Margarita at Cookie + Kate is definitely the way to go.


Combine your debate night drinking game with a perfectly seasonal Pumpkin Apple Cider Fizz | Kitchen Konfidence

Pumpkin and Apple Cider Fizz | Kitchen Konfidence

Another seasonal optional is to put down that Pumpkin Spice Latte—because you will need sleep after tonight’s debate—and whip up one of these non-caffeinated pumpkin drinks. The pumpkin cider is a great option for those of you not drinking alcohol, but I’m thinking the Pumpkin Cider Fizz made with hard cider at Kitchen Konfidence is what many of you might need this evening.


Going patriotic for your debate night drinking game sips? This Watermelon Cooler can easily be made with or without alcohol | I Spy DIY

Patriotic Watermelon Cooler | I Spy DIY

Then, my fellow Americans, there’s always going with patriotic red, white, and blue. We found these red, white, and blue drinks—one a cocktail and the other a Watermelon Cooler at I Spy DIY that can easily be made without or without alcohol—for the Fourth of July, but tonight seems as good as any to revisit them. Cheers!