You know we’re all about gourmet gifts for Father’s Day around here. Because know what’s almost better than a picture frame made out of macaroni for Father’s Day? Steak! Well, and whiskey.

Sure, dads and grandpas are going to love all of those sweet homemade gifts, but they just can’t throw that macaroni frame on the grill, and it can’t quite mellow him out like a nice glass of bourbon.

Here are some great gourmet gifts for Father’s Day that the dad in your life will love, from an espresso maker he can take on a bike ride to a fig tree for eventually making his own jam.

And yes – steak and whiskey.

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Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Saloon Box Subscription

Cocktail Subscription Box (From $39.99, Saloon Box)

Dad will love getting this gourmet box every month that contains everything he’ll need to make two unique, seasonal cocktails. I’ve actually received this gift myself and given it several times, and it’s always a huge hit. Each kit contains top shelf spirits and all of the ingredients – like small batch syrups, bitters and garnishes – plus instructions and insight into the mixologist, drink and technique behind your concoctions. Get ready to be invited over to Dad’s for happy hour. A lot.


Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: MiniPresso Mini Portable Espresso Maker

MiniPresso Portable Espresso Maker ($49, Amazon)

If your dad loves espresso and likes it to go, he’ll adore this mini, handheld portable espresso maker. No batteries or electricity needed, so he can take it on a bike ride, car trip or just for making espresso in bed, if that’s his thing. Amazing gourmet gift for Father’s Day, especially for under $50. And bet he does’t have one yet.

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Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Mantry Gourmet Food Crates

Mantry Food Subscription Box (From $59, Mantry)

We’re big fans of Mantry over here when it comes to awesome gourmet Father’s Day gift ideas and it’s obvious why: Handpicked, full-sized items from top artisan food makers around the country, all curated around some of our favorite foodie themes like “Bacon” and “Bourbon BBQ.” Plus, it’s got “man” right there in the name so you know it’s good for, uh, men. (But we like it too.)

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit ($34.95, Uncommon Goods)

We were so impressed with the Homemade Kimchi Kit that we featured last year as a great gourmet Father’s Day gift, and we’re just as excited about this kit for making your own hot sauce. Dad will be throwing out all of the store-bought stuff once he makes his own with this DIY kit that comes with everything he’ll need to make his own fiery creation. They even provide the bottles and customizable labels so he can put his own “Made By Dad” stamp on it.

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: 7x Beef Steaks

7X Steaks (From $50, 7X Beef)

If the dad in your life is a fan of Kobe and Wagyu beef, this is the closest he’ll come to the real deal, at least in the U.S. Most Kobe and Wagyu served in restaurants is actually a diluted version of the exclusive product from Japan, but 7X is pure Japanese beef, raised from their own cattle that has a 100-percent-pure bloodline. It’s obviously pricier than your average grocery-store steak, but isn’t Dad worth it?

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Sur La Table Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set ($44.95, Sur la Table)

Once Dad has his delicious steaks, he’ll need some tools to grill them with. This set of stainless steel BBQ tools comes with its own canvas roll so he can take his favorite tongs, spatula and brush with him to all of the family barbecues to show everyone what a badass he is when it comes to grilling. Because dads and BBQ may be a cliché, but only because it’s true.

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Fig Balsamic Crate

Fig Balsamic Crate ($99.95, Williams Sonoma)

We’re pretty sure your dad will be the only one who gets a fig tree for Father’s Day if you sport for this cool gourmet Father’s Day gift idea.. Ideal for the dad who likes to garden — and also likes a good fig jam — this gorgeous crate contains a potted one-year-old fig tree, a bottle of balsamic vinegar and a jar of mission fig jam. Soon, everyone in the family will be getting homemade fig products from Dad, and that’s a good thing.

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Hibiki Whiskey

Hibiki 17 Whiskey ($199.99, Total Wine & More)

Anyone who’s into whiskey will tell you that Japanese whiskies are among the best. Hibiki 17 would be near the top of that list, and with news that they’ll soon stop selling this popular brand because of the whiskey shortage in Japan, this bottle will soon be extremely hard to find. (It’s already sold out at my usual spots.) If you’re able to score one of these for Dad, he’ll feel like he’s just been gifted with a unicorn. A smooth, smoky, tasty unicorn.

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: West Elm Ultimate Whiskey Set

Schott Zwiesel Ultimate Whiskey Set  ($35, West Elm)

If you’re serving Dad premium whiskey, isn’t it time he stopped drinking it out of Pokémon cups? This classy whiskey set lets him start drinking his booze like the grown-ass man he is. These beautiful crystal glasses also come with Tavolo’s genius sphere-shaped ice mold so Dad can feel like he’s totally legit, because serious bourbon and whiskey drinkers will take their ice no other way.


Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Cocktail Lab Moscow Mule Kit

Mule For Two Kit ($73, The Cocktail Lab)

Everyone loves a good Moscow Mule, and now a favorite dad can whip one up in the comfort of his own man cave. This lovely curated kit includes everything to make the perfect Mule: Two 100% copper Moscow Mule Mugs, ginger cardamom alcohol infuser, ginger syrup and candied ginger. He may never go out to a bar again. (JK, he’ll definitely go out to a bar again.)

Gourmet Father’s Day Gifts: Food52 Thermo Pot Thermos

Thermo Pot ($40, Food52)

I predict everyone will be fighting Dad for this stylish thermos. It’ll keep his soup or leftovers hot for up to six hours, which means no more lukewarm minestrone for lunch at his desk. It gets even better: It comes with a stainless steel spoon, which attaches with magnets on the side. You might have to order one for everyone in the family.

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