When snow days hit we head to the kitchen, whether our kids are toddlers or tweens. Though rumor has it, there are places in the U.S. where the sun is always shining, the air is warm, and the kids are not stuck indoors with a snow day. If you live in one of these glorious places a) I’m jealous, and b) bookmark these super fun kitchen projects to do with kids on a weekend or a rainy day. But for anyone in a snow zone like me, these kitchen activities for kids will help make your day inside a little more fun — and delicious, too.

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Updated for 2024

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Kitchen projects to do with kids: Make a homemade milk bar with Korean banana milk from My Korean KitchenMy Korean Kitchen: Banana Milk Recipe

1. Make a fun flavored milk bar

I love, love this idea of making a making a milk bar with kids. Flavored milks are such a treat but, also loaded with chemicals and colors. Go au naturel with simple recipes for pink milk, Korean banana milk (shown above, from My Korean Kitchen) chocolate milk with homemade chocolate syrup, and vanilla milk. I’d normally suggest starting with one of the recipes, but if you’re in from the storm, make them all and have a tasting party. We might even do a cold flight and a warm one because we’re fancy.


Kitchen projects to do with kids: Make homemade marshmallows | Pics and PastriesPics & Pastries homemade marshmallows

2. Make homemade marshmallows…

My go-to kitchen project with kids is making homemade marshmallows, like these from Pics and Pastries. You can add flavor with all kinds of extracts, but I’m old fashioned when it comes to marshmallows; I like them with just a hint of a good vanilla like this one, perfect for piling on top of my favorite decadent homemade hot chocolate recipe.d

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Kitchen projects to do with kids: Make Marshmallow Monsters | Say YesMarshmallow Monsters from Say Yes

3. … then whip up some marshmallow monsters

If you do cook up marshmallows and want to keep the kitchen fun going, use them to make these adorable marshmallow monsters from Say Yes. Of course store-bought marshmallows work fine, and they’ll be just as cute. And they’re monster brains, as tasty to eat. Muahahaha.. Also check out the fun marshmallow snowflake kitchen craft we featured here. Easy!


Easy DIY Hot chocolate bomb hack using muffin tins, via Fresh April FlowersEasy hot chocolate bombs from Fresh April Flours

4. Make a DIY hot chocolate bomb, the fancy way or the easy way

These recipes for hot chocolate bombs range from easy and fun to absolutely outrageous. You’ll generally need a few supplies on hand like a silicone sphere mold, but if you’d rather go for fun and delicious versus Instagram-perfect, we like this muffin tin hot chocolate bomb hack from Fresh April Flours.

Kitchen projects to do with kids: Vanilla Sour Cream Rainbow Cake | The Cake MerchantVanilla Sour Cream Rainbow Cake from The Cake Merchant

5. Make a crazy cake…the crazier the better!

Other than a holiday or birthday, when else are you going to make a willd cake? Plus — unlike on a birthday — there is no pressure for it to come out perfectly. If you feel like baking, try The Cake Merchant’s Vanilla Sour Cream Rainbow Cake above that I featured in our ffun Easter Cake roundup. Kids will love it.

Other amazing cake ideas when you have a long snow day to fill up with fun:
– a polka dot bundt cake
a funfetti cake
a single-serving mug cake
this spectacular rainbow shaped rainbowcake

The red velvet pancakes from Whipperberry are perfect for Valentine's Day or kids kitchen craftsWhipperberry’s Red Velvet Heart Pancakes

6. Try making some outrageous pancakes

Kids will never say no to pancakes on a snowy day, in my experience. This post on outrageous Valentine’s Day pancake recipes doesn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day! Whipperberry’s Red Velvet Heart Pancakes are gorgeous and delicious, made with some pretty basic ingredients (though you’ll need buttermilk). You can even use an all-natural food dye like these; so glad they’re even easier to find these days!


Fun kitchen projects with the kids: Homemade rainbow pop tarts from Aww SamRainbow marbled homemade Pop Tarts from Aww Sam

7. Get your full unicorn on

This post on wildly delicious unicorn treats is definitely one to bookmark for a snowy kitchen activity with the kids. You can’t go wrong with rainbow marbled homemade Pop Tarts, right? Grateful to Awww Sam for this inspiration. If you reallllly have a lot of time with the kids, make the crust from scratch using our tutorial on how to make pie dough in five easy steps. Otherwise, store-bought pie dough keeps things simple.


Kitchen projects for kids on snow days: Edible, all-natural finger paint using Imperial Sugar + natural food color

8. Make your own DIY edible finger paint

If you have a little one at home who’s getting bored, this edible finger paint recipe from Imperial Sugar couldn’t be easier and more engaging. Plus, it turns into a legitimate craft that they can engage with for hours. Again, try using all-natural food colors, which don’t take away the fun one bit.


Kitchen projects to do with kids: Make homemade edible playdough | Smart SchoolhouseIncredible edible play dough from Smart School House

9. Make your own DIY edible play dough

Preschoolers will love making this homemade edible play dough from Smart School House. If you don’t have the right ingredients, try the edible peanut butter play dough recipe from Modern Parents Messy Kids, and, yes, you can substitute Sunbutter or other peanut butter alternatives.

You could even make your own DIY sunflower seed butter… which is like idea 9.5 now. Bonus for you!

Savory Magazine's free snow day boredom busters guide: How to host your own version of Cupcake Wars | Cool Mom Eats (sponsored)Cupcake decorating battle via Savory

10. Host your own cupcake wars battle

Got competitive kids? What could be more fun than hosting your own cupcake wars! Savory has a full 86 ideas for snow day fun in the kitchen, including great tips for a cupcake decorating battle. As if we need another excuse to buy more  outrageous sprinkles like these!