I love a good Instagram food trend like the next person, but don’t put much effort into chasing them down, because trends pass. And I’m busy. But these crazy dessert trends are different. Because dessert. And I wouldn’t mind a few extra mother of the year points, which is what I’d surely earn for tracking any of these down.

If you and your kids are dessert lovers like me and mine, you’ll want to check these out. And maybe check them out in person? Hint hint.

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You guys: Birthdae Cake, an experimental dessert “haus” in Orange County, California, has found a way to wrap their wacky, hand-crafted, small batch ice creams in a toasted marshmallow shell. And I NEED SOME!



You’ll have to go to Sugar Sugar in Ontario, Canada to get your hands on the original Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burrito, which is indisputably Instagrammable. But, oh man, my teeth hurt just looking at it!


Amazing desserts worth the trip for Insta (and to win parent of the year points too!): The Pikachu Churro at The Loop in California, spied at Trendhunter

It was honestly nearly paralyzing trying to pick just one or two treats to feature from The Loop, a churro spot in Westminster, California, not far from Los Angeles. I decided to start with this Pikachu Churro that I first spied on Trendhunter because, well, I have a Pokemon obsessed 7-year-old who would die to get his hands on this. And given that churros are one of my favorite treats, I just might make his (ahem) dreams come true.


Amazing desserts worth the trip for Insta (and to win parent of the year points too!): Mermaid Churros at The Loop in California

One more from The Loop, because MERMAID CHURROS! (Important note: Mermaid manicure not included with dessert.)

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We all know how fantastic gelato is, but it’s even better when made into a flower! You may be able to find a place near you to get one of these gelato flowers by searching for #GelatoFlower on Instagram, or if you live in Sydney, Australia, head to I-Creamery, home of the original.


You can also UP THE ANTE on your gelato flower and eat it served in another dessert trend, a puffle cone. This prettiness can be all yours with a trip to Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, California.


Happy 2nd Birthday, #DABJapan! To celebrate, we're launching our brand new What-a-Melon Soft Serve this SATURDAY at our #Omotesando shop, made with a slice of juicy fresh watermelon filled with our homemade watermelon soft serve ice cream, chocolate "seeds," and a little container of sea salt on the side that you can sprinkle on it finish. Happy summer, #Tokyo! ? #whatamelon #softserve #icecream #birthday #DABJapan #DominiqueAnselJapan #watermelon 祝2周年!! ドミニクアンセルベーカリーは無事に2周年を迎えることができました!ありがとうございます!!✨ そして、今週末の土曜から2周年を記念してソフトサーブの販売スタートいたします! 今大注目のフルーツ、スイカを使ったソフトサーブ!ウォーターメロンソフトサーブです? フレッシュなスイカにスイカの自家製ソフトサーブアイスクリームをサンドしました!最後にお塩をお好みでふってお召し上がりください!ハッピーサマー??#スイカ #ドミニクアンセルベーカリー #ソフトサーブ #夏限定 #表参道

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If you’re feeling these fantastically over the top desserts, you should definitely start following the famed Dominique Ansel Bakery’s Japan location (@DABJapan), where they churn out mind-boggling desserts on the regular. I know summer has passed, but with so many of us experiencing unseasonably warm weather, this watermelon extravaganza is calling my name!



Move over matcha green, charcoal black is the “it” color for food these days. We’ve been fans of the goth dessert trend for a while now and are chomping at the bit to make it to LA’s Little Damage Ice Cream Shop, one of the first places to turn their ice cream the dark color of our soul.

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Back on the east coast, you can visit Taiyaki NYC for the fish-shaped ice cream cones that took over NYC — and Instagram — this summer. I mean, could it get any prettier?!


Not sure that this counts as dessert to you, but it does to me (my kids would agree) — and I want some of this vegan cereal milk matcha latte from Cha Cha Matcha in my belly. Good thing I can get one in my home town, New York City.


Of all the decadent treats on this list, these are the only ones I’ve tried, though — shhhhh — I went to Union Fare in New York City without the kids! Guess I’ll have to go again to try one (all?) of their inventive croissants, from Red Velvet to Creme Brulee, Fruity Pebbles to Matcha.


Weekend requirement: ICE CREAM! #weekendvibes

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If you love chasing textures, you’ll flip for the cereal ice cream macaron sandwiches at The MILK Shop in Los Angeles. Crunchy, creamy, soft, warm, and cold all at once, this dessert mash up is the ultimate.

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Love macarons, but can do without (as much) extra? Then you have see the totally amazing macarons they churn out at Honey and Butter in Orange County, California. These are among the cutest desserts I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, I can at least feast my eyes on their Instagram account.


Colossal Squid Ice Cream Cone by Giapo in Auckland, New Zealand. Whoa!

The Colossal Squid Ice Cream Cone was created by Giapo Gelato in Auckland, New Zealand to mark the ten year anniversary of capturing an actual colossal squid — though the ice cream may be the thing to live on in infamy! It’s a long way to go to get an ice cream cone, but you and the kids can at least watch how it’s made in the meantime.


Well here’s something I’ve never heard of: chimney cakes! Of course @LoveTram discovered something new (you should follow her immediately if you want to stay up to date on all things dessert in the greater Los Angeles area). And while I’m not exactly clear on what I’d be eating, knowing that it is cake-y, can involve Nutella, and topped with ice cream is enough for me to track down Sweet ‘n Hollow the next time I’m in Los Angeles.


ChocoTacos have nothing on these colorful ice cream tacos churned out at Sweet Cup in Garden Grove, California (also right near Los Angeles). Topped with everything from toasted marshmallows to sour candies, I’m not sure if my kids would be more excited about the tacos or the toppings. But I guess it doesn’t matter since it seems they wouldn’t have to choose. Whoa!