Your ultimate back-to-school lunch guide!

From hot lunch ideas to non-sandwich ideas, snack tips, and help for picky eaters and kids with allergies, we’ve got you covered, parents!

Kitchen tools for your little sous chef

My kids are more than eager to help in the kitchen, but there's only so much they can do with a big dull butter knife and a spoon as long as their arm. Fortunately, since discovering these cool kid-size kitchen utensils, our nightly dinner service has gotten much more...

6 cookbooks that every parent should own

Love it or hate it, if you're a parent, you've got to feed your kids. Whether you already cook nightly or...not so much, but want to cook more, these, six of my staple cookbooks, provide just the inspiration you need to get food on the table with a minimum of stress....

Creative store-bought snack swaps to make lunch boxes healthier

Little changes can make a big difference over time, and these ideas are so easy, fun, and help kids get more of the nutrition they need — even in their snacks.

Make-ahead Instant Pot breakfast ideas for more manageable mornings

School day mornings are tough enough, and these ideas help make life soooo much easier. (Thanks, Instant Pot!)

Tips and Tricks we live for!

Join Recipe Rescue: Our private Facebook community just for parents who cook. (Or would like to do it more. Or less!)

This is the place our parents can come to discover SO many great cooking ideas, tips, hacks and commiseration. Because some of our favorite ideas don’t come from pros — they come from you! 


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