Your ultimate back-to-school lunch guide!

From hot lunch ideas to non-sandwich ideas, snack tips, and help for picky eaters and kids with allergies, we’ve got you covered, parents!

The snow globe sugar bowl. Sweet!

Sometimes you see a product and it's instant love. That was my reaction to the Sugar House sugar bowl from Peleg Design. It looks like those snow globes from airport gift shops that our kids know and love (and that the TSA confiscates from your carry-on bags these...

5 great dinners that make even better leftovers.

I try to cook homemade meals as much as possible, but let's be honest: It's hard to cook from scratch every night. Sometimes I run out of time, other times I run out of energy. But instead of adding a fast-food or delivery night to our routine, I've...

Skinny slow cooker recipes for easy fall dinners.

As the weather changes, so does the way that I cook. Though there’s still some time before winter demands only soups and stews, baked casseroles and roast veggies, we’re definitely starting to crave warm dinners—but warm dinners that are light. Also as the weather...

Creative store-bought snack swaps to make lunch boxes healthier

Little changes can make a big difference over time, and these ideas are so easy, fun, and help kids get more of the nutrition they need — even in their snacks.

Make-ahead Instant Pot breakfast ideas for more manageable mornings

School day mornings are tough enough, and these ideas help make life soooo much easier. (Thanks, Instant Pot!)

Tips and Tricks we live for!

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