We truly love Halloween, which is why we start gathering creative, fun Halloween recipes on Cool Mom Eats, around, oh…July. But we’re busy! Just like you. (It’s a parent thing, right?) So if, like us, you still need some last minute Halloween recipes whether you need help with class party treats (or homeschooling pod party treats this year?), spooky dinners, fun Halloween lunch ideas, and creepy Halloween cocktails just for the adults — and mocktails for the kids and non-drinkers — we have tons of inspiration for you.

Just remember whatever you do (or don’t do), it’s all good.

I mean if all you do is break into the Mini Snickers and pass them out to the kids for dessert, you’re still winning as far as we’re concerned.

100+ of our favorite Halloween recipes, treats, dinners, cocktails and more! | Cool Mom Eats

100+ Last Minute-Halloween Recipe Ideas: All in One Place

Your last-minute Halloween recipe guide: All the things you can make, even if you're going as a procrastinator this year. Heh. | Cool Mom EatsThe ultimate guide to 171 amazing Halloween recipes including copycat candy bar recipes, Halloween cake ideas, candy corn recipes, semi-homemade Halloween snacks, and more.

Then… try these 90 fantastic last-minute Halloween recipes, which take every edible to the next level.

Even more Halloween treats so easy, even the busiest parents won’t get scared


Homemade Halloween Snacks + Treats

Halloween Snack Tray ideas we love, like this one from Foxes Love Lemons

Clever Halloween snack tray ideas from Foxes Love Lemons

Halloween snack trays: Our favorite new food trend made ready for Halloween

Our favorite new DIY kitchen craft: Halloween haunted gingerbread houses!

6 easy Halloween treats to make using Oreos

Non-candy Halloween snacks and recipes that still keep Halloween delicious

Easy Oreo Halloween treats: Oreo bats from Or So She Says

Easy Oreo bat treats | Or so She Says

Easy, last-minute, but still creative Halloween class party treats you can whip up when you’re busy.

How to turn one batch of Rice Krispies treats into the easiest Halloween snacks

Fun candy corn inspired recipes for Halloween

Easy Halloween party recipes that let the kids help.

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Graveyard brownie treats by Christina for Cool Mom Eats
Semi-Homemade Graveyard Brownie Treats | Christina Refford for Cool Mom Eats

9 of our favorite easy Halloween treat ideas on our Instagram feed. You can do these!

Delightfully creepy Halloween cupcake recipes

How to roast pumpkin seeds, plus 4 irresistible recipes

And then..here are 6 more delicious pumpkin seed recipes

Halloween party snacks you can whip up with no effort

11 easy, semi-homemade Halloween snacks that lets you be the cool mom without much work 

5 super cool Halloween treats that you can make with store-bought shortcuts

Natural Halloween candy alternatives to the big-brand stuff: Great in your homemade recipes too.


Halloween Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Easy Halloween treats on Instagram: Healthy apple mummies by Stacie Billis for cool mom picks
Healthy Halloween apple mummies by Stacie Billis for Cool Mom Eats

8 easy Halloween school lunch ideas that you can actually do. Not kidding!

Even more healthy-ish Halloween lunch box recipes.

And wait! here’s 6 more spooktacular Halloween lunchbox recipes for the kids

9 spooky fun Halloween breakfast ideas

Weekly meal plan: Mini Halloween mummy pizzas at Easy Peasy Creative

Mini mummy Halloween pizzas | Easy Peasy Creative

5 spooky Halloween dinner recipe ideas. Because kids can’t live on candy alone.

13 deliciously spooky Halloween dinner recipes that make you the fun parent

Easy Halloween party recipes the kids can help with


Halloween Cocktails and Cocktails

Skinny Halloween cocktails: The Witch's Heart at The Flavor Bender
Witch’s Heart Cocktail
| The Flavor Blender

7 fun Halloween cocktail recipes for grownups plus 8 spooky Halloween cocktails because we could always use more cocktails, right?

5 skinny Halloween cocktails (so we can eat more candy)

Halloween candy and booze pairings – this is genius!

Bloody Crush kids' Halloween mocktail recipe made from Nathalie's Blood Orange Juice to get that gorgeous color | Cool Mom Eats Recipe for Nathalie’s Bloody Orange Crush Mocktail 

6 creepy Halloween mocktails for kids and designated drivers. Be safe out there!

A creepy-fun Halloween mocktail for kids that’s not all about the sugar.

8 super creative Halloween cocktails with mocktail variations


Halloween + Allergies

An easy guide to an allergy free Halloween | Cool Mom Eats

5 essential tips: How to make Halloween more safe (and inclusive!) for kids with allergies. 

An easy guide to a safe, allergy-free Halloween including allergy-free Halloween recipes

What you should know about fun-size or mini Halloween candies and allergies. 

New allergy-free candy ideas to add to the treat bags

Go-to allergy-friendly Halloween candy for kids from moms managing the most common food allergies

Ideas for classroom Halloween treats that aren’t candy

And we love fantastic non-candy DIY or buy ideas for parties or kids with allergies


And when it’s all over…


What to do with leftover Halloween Candy: Cool DIY Glossy Skittles Paint project from Mama Papa Bubba

Making DIY paint using Skittles | Mama Papa Bubba

10 clever ideas for what to do with leftover Halloween candy from recipes to educational crafts to donation sources.

7 tasty recipes for using up your leftover Halloween candy

Fun toothbrushing apps for kids! You’ll need them for November 1 for sure.